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BFRG services available within this program are to promote a philosophy of independent living, peer support, self-help, self-determination, and equal access to each individual. The purpose of this program is to provide core and other allowable services to maximize the success rate. The goal of this program is to maximize the leadership, empowerment, independence, and productivity of individuals. This program was designed with a broad range of elements to accommodate the diverse needs of the community. 


BFRG Foundation is unique because we implement the keys to success:

  • A Vital Service Designed for the End-User

  • Customer Care Advantage Program

  • Controlled Overhead and Operational Costs

  • Regular and On-Going Customer Feedback

  • Sufficient Forms and Technology/Software Capacity

  • Consultation Services – Ongoing

  • Dedicated Management and Support Staff

Our Mission

Empowering families by providing services and resources to help improve the lives of children and families within San Bernardino, Riverside, and Los Angeles counties. We believe every child deserves to be loved, connected, and empowered through family with the help of communities coming together to make a difference in each other lives. We collaborate with individuals, companies, and community partners to bring services and resources to help families thrive. We help facilitate parent involvement through our weekly activities as a means of helping their children develop and learn. Our staff is made up of parents who have first-hand experience with aspects of families’ struggles and are trained in listening, communicating, and problem-solving. BFRG stands for being fierce, resilient, and great.


Our Vision

  • Connect families of children with resources to help improve their children learning abilities.

  • Improve and facilitate parent involvement as a means of improving their children’s outcomes in life.

  • Support and collaborate with new and existing organizations to provide families with as many resources as needed.

  • Help and support parents to know their rights, effectively communicate their child’s needs and advise them when dealing with their child’s education and health services.

  • Encourage and support parents in leadership roles.

We believe everyone can embrace who they are,
define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

We Need Your Support Today!

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