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Fundraiser (Book)

Learn with Me: Bible Books, Crossword Puzzles, Coloring Pages, Inspirational Bible Verses and More!

A Beautifully Illustrated Children's Activity Book for Bible Learning to Enjoy Together.

Coloring Pages for Kids - Screen-time free and suitable for children of all ages to enjoy, coloring pages are the perfect activity for kids while we’re all spending more time indoors. Crossword Puzzles for kids is designed to provide fun spelling and practice of the terms related to the book. Bible Learning - Clear understanding and learning for kids about Old Testament and New Testament. Practice for kids to understand which list of books comes in the column of Old Testament and New Testament. Easy and Quick Learning for kids about the placement of books. This book includes different fun and educational activities related to learning of bible in a very interactive and easy way. Also has some blank pages to practice different activities. One portion of the book also has Inspirational Bible Verses making it easier for kids to learn and read the verses. So overall, this book is a must have for kids to learn the basics of bible books and make it a kids favorites activity by coloring, drawing and puzzles. What else do you need for your kid!

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