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BFRG Foundation

Be Fierce, Resilient, & Great

Welcome. We are a new non profit organization located within Riverside, California. Our organization is ran by a diverse group of individuals that has one goal in common and that is to help those in need. We have carefully handpicked each staff members and board members to ensure that we are the right fit to carry out our mission.

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. Pablo Picasso

During the pandemic we have witnessed so many children as well as adults struggling to make it day by day, not only financially but most of all mentally. This is what led us to come together to offer services to help those in need financially and giving them hope of brighter days. Please follow our Facebook and Instagram page #BFRGFoundation to stay updated on our current events.

Programs available:

  1. Independent Living

  2. Cherished Moments

  3. Alternative Therapy

  4. Back-to-School

  5. Mentor

  6. Family Activities

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